Farewell FEUF (belated)

derdude42 posted Sep 17, 16  -  #frags#just #no #tags

How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to. 

Cuddles Maternity leave? I didn't know you have a vagina! <3 dudu

FEUF - a new beginning

derdude42 posted Sep 2, 16  -  BeerBetaBF1CODMoreMPPlayReveal

Well hello, how are you?

Cuddles Well done! I'm sad I'm going to have to look at some crazy bitch on the front page for a month or more now. ha...
I watched driftors video on IW. he seemed like a whiney bitch
nameless, Letter Quest is free next month. that word game I was playing
I appreciate tabors video, but all the things he likes about the game I could argue make it much worse. I have zero interest in playing infinite warfare. BF1 for life
Jhood seems to think so too
Until CoD comes out and then I'll never see you again